Free sample of Emergen-C

Emergen-c package
Emergen-c package

Snag a free Emergen-C sample of the new flavor of vitamin powder packets. Emergen-C has tapped the citrus and berry flavors hard, so I'm guessing it's going to be something like...watermelon. Share your name, address, e-mail, sex, year of birth, and answer three questions about your use of Emergen-C to get the freebie.

You have to be a subscriber to the Emergen-C newsletter to get this freebie. If you are not signed up, go here and click on "Sign Up," them come back to this post and click the top link to fill out the freebie form. There's no telling when the company will run out of samples.

Or, you can sign up to receive a free Emergen-C sample of the classic orange flavor. Look for the "Free Sample" bubble in the upper right corner.

Caveats: limit one per household. The sample takes a few weeks to arrive.

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