Facebook users: 55% play social games, 19% say they're addicted

farmville rather be farming
farmville rather be farming

Lightspeed Research has released a new survey on Facebook users, and -- to no surprise -- 53% of the respondents say they play social games, and -- a little more surprising -- 19% admit that they're 'addicted' to social games. If you were wondering whether you should start up a FarmVille 12-step program, this might be the ammo you need (along with this awful story about a serious social game addiction).

Other noteworthy stats from the Facebook user survey include:

- 55% play social games daily

- More than half of the Facebook users (53%) had played a social game

- Women are more likely to play and get 'addicted' to social games.

- More than half of Facebook users have up to 10 friends playing the same social games together

- Most people say they play 'for fun' (79%)

- 12% of all social games are played on mobile

- 20% of Facebook gamers have paid cash to get rewards/benefit

- Men are more likely to pay cash for rewards/benefits than women

See more detailed information on the survey after the jump:

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