Declutter Your Rental on Give Your Stuff Away Day

tammy strobel, ace of space, rowdykittens, clutterIs your teeny tiny apartment full of clutter, now is time to get your decluttering groove on! September 25 will be the next Give Your Stuff Away Day, where you'll find free stuff all over neighborhoods in American.

Founder Mike Morone's goal is to hold this "worldwide twice annually. The event could eventually help millions, while diminishing landfills, reducing clutter, saving municipalities money, and boosting the economy."

Give Your Stuff Away Day is the perfect way to declutter your household, save landfill space, and help others. The event has a few easy to follow guidelines, including:

1. Trash, recyclables, illegal or dangerous items are not accepted.

2. All you have to do is bring your unwanted stuff to the curb. Think of it as regifting without guilt.

Visit Give Your Stuff Away Day's site or find them on Facebook | Give Your Stuff Away.

Tammy Strobel blogs at RowdyKittens about simple living and is the author of Simply Car-free and Smalltopia.

The Ace of Space is a biweekly column that will provide you with the tips and tools to live lightly and creatively in a small space.
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