Cafe World welcomes you to the Far East with the Zen Garden set

Cafe World Japanese Set
A massive new set of items is available to spruce up your fine establishment in Cafe World: the Zen Garden set. Zynga added a slew of decorations like a arcade games and a karaoke as well as animated items including sumo wrestlers, ninjas and samurai.

To turn your cafe into the best sushi bar or noodle house in town, continue reading for a list of what's available.
Cafe World Japanese Set
Unfortunately, most of these items--especially those that are animated--cost sometimes exorbitant amounts of Cafe Cash with only three items available for an insane amount of coins. Take a look at what you'll be saving up for below:


  • Indoor Zen Garden (18 Cafe Cash)
  • Karaoke Stage (20 Cafe Cash)
  • Arcade Games (22 Cafe Cash)
  • Sword Display (5 Cafe Cash)
  • Bamboo Fountain (5 Cafe Cash)
  • Armor Display (7 Cafe Cash)
  • Mystical Creature (13 Cafe Cash)
  • Ninja (16 Cafe Cash)
  • Sumo Wrestler (16 Cafe Cash)
  • Japanese Food Display (40,000 coins)
  • Tea Booth (50,000 coins)
  • Taiko Drum (60,000 coins)

Furniture and Furnishings:

  • Japanese Table (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Japanese Chair (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Japanese Door (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Ocean Painting (14 Cafe Cash)
  • Woman Scroll Painting (6 Cafe Cash)
  • Bird Scroll Painting (6 Cafe Cash)
  • Slide Door Wall (1 Cafe Cash)

Functional Items:

  • Helmet Stove (6 Cafe Cash)
  • Japanese Counter (3 Cafe Cash)

Outdoor Items:

  • Sakura Tree (5 Cafe Cah)
  • Zen Garden (18 Cafe Cash)

And that's everything you'll need to make your cafe into the next booming sushi bar. However, with an immense price tag of 187 Cafe Cash for the complete set, you're going to be saving for a long time to launch the Japanese fusion restaurant of your dreams. In the meantime, work on that fabled Grand Master Chef who should help get you that cash even faster.
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