FarmVille official podcast (9/10): New co-op jobs and three-in-one vehicle (and more) coming soon


The new official FarmVille Podcast has arrived -- it's now on a bi-weekly schedule -- and Community Manager Lexi 'Lexilicious' Smith reviews what launched in the farm game last week and then talks about some cool stuff coming soon, which includes new Bushel Co-op jobs, a time-saving "three-in-one" vehicle and a new limited edition German theme. I'll say Prosit! to that.

You can listed to the podcast in the player above, or if you just want to skim the highlights, check out the recap below:

FarmVille Podcast Recap:


* Visit neighbors' pigpens and give them slop
* Four levels of truffles
* Trade in truffles for exclusive pigs

Toy Collection (Collectibles)

* Available for a limited amount of time
* Find by seeding.
* Can purchase for 67 Farm Cash.
* Complete for special prize and XP rewards
* Fewer pop-ups than before

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