FarmVille 'Fertilize All' limited edition gift was a little too 'limited'

farmville fertilize all
farmville fertilize all

While accepting FarmVille gifts this weekend, I noticed that there's a new free gift going around called 'Fertilize All.' After doing a little research, turns out that 'Fertilize All' was a limited edition gift that appeared in the Free Gifts section briefly before it disappeared again. Not sure if this vanished due to a bug or if this was a truly 'limited' edition gift.

If you were lucky enough to score this amazing gift, accept it from your feed and then open your gifts menu in the game. Click 'use' to instantly fertilize ALL of your crops! Next thing you know, your little farmer will be surrounded by sparkly crops that will yield extra experience points and other bonuses.

Not sure if this generous gift will resurface soon or if this was a one-time deal. Stay tuned.

Did you ever see this in the Free Gifts area of the game? Was this limited edition gift a little too limited? Add a comment.