When does FarmVille finally get in the way?

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FarmVille Logo

Is it when your grades start slipping? That's exactly what Harrisburg University of Science and Technology wants to find out this Monday when it will block its college network from all social networks this Monday. Part of an involuntary social experiment, the college-wide shut down of social media access will include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and AOL Instant Messenger, according to Inside Higher Ed.

While Harrisburg University's issue with Facebook isn't solely due to FarmVille, surely some of that traffic was headed Zynga's way. When does FarmVille become such a prominent aspect of your life that it blocks their path to success? Have you ever had to cut yourself off from social games because you were afraid they were getting in the way? How would you feel if your school or workplace cut off your access to social games without your consent? Sound off in the comments.

[Via Washington Post]

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