San Bruno Fire: 53 Homes Destroyed by Gas-Fueled Fireball

In an unimaginable real estate disaster, a flame-filled explosion ripped through the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno on Thursday night, destroying 53 homes. Reportedly caused by a ruptured gas line, the blast took place at about 6 p.m. Pacific time. At least four people died and several others were reported injured. The size and ferocity of the explosion initially led officials to believe that a plane had crashed in the area, but no evidence of an airplane has been discovered. Flames on a hillside near I-280 and I-380, reached hundreds of feet into the air and almost instantly incinerated nearby cars and homes. A deep crater formed at the site of the initial explosion and powerful winds helped spread the fire out of the immediate area. Some residents told a local newspaper that the utility company, PG&E, had responded recently to reports of a gas leak but made no repairs at that time.