Pet Society gets downright fierce with new Fighter Arcade Game

Pet Society Fighting Arcade GamePet Society creator Playfish has just released a brand new toy for your pets that we're sure many of you coin-op junkies would appreciate. The new Fighter Arcade Game toy is available in the Pet Society store or by just clicking the ad below the game screen. Here's the clincher: it's only 900 coins and costs zero Playfish Cash!

The Fighter Arcade Game is part of a much larger event, "Matsuri Week," whose exclusive Japanese item collection is slowly trickling into the game until September 20. We know, that's obviously longer than a week, but don't question a good thing.

Clearly inspired by the Japanese fighting game that brought the genre into the main stream, Street Fighter, the game plays itself when clicked. Look closely and you'll see one of the furry combatants let loose a tiny, blue fireball just like Ryu!
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