Mafia Wars Las Vegas Crew Collections: The Rat Pack is back!

Mafia Wars Bring Back the Pack

Get ready to round up your buddies and start searching in Mafia Wars as Zynga has just released a new Las Vegas Crew Collection in the game. Not to mention they have toyed around with the Collections interface a bit. Log in to Mafia Wars to find the option to begin your new Crew Collection, "Bring Back the Pack," in your Daily Checklist.

Select the option and you'll be given your first random item of seven that you're crew will need need to collect in order to get the new vault item, The Rat Pack. Join us behind the cut for a list of the items you'll need to get The Rat Pack.
Mafia Wars new Crew Collections

If you want to check your progress on this 48-hour collection, just go to your profile and select "Collections and Vault." From here you can gift the item you already have to other members of your crew or place the remaining items on your wish list for your friends to see. Here's what you'll need to find through jobs in Las Vegas or with the help of your friends:

Mafia Wars The Rat Pack
  • Sammy's Shades
  • Ol' Blue Eyes
  • King of Cool
  • Joote's Shoes
  • Bogey
  • Blond Bombshell's Dress
  • Angel's Coat

Find all these items and once you vault them your mafia will receive The Rat Pack, an item with an oddly low 29 Attack (it's three guys for Pete's sake!) and an impressive 60 Defense. Don't fret because Zynga also added new Las Vegas collections to sate your inner hoarder.

Also, don't forget that you can only ask for your friends' help every 48 hours and if they decide to help you, they must complete a specific job that will drop one random item from the collection that you requested help for, but thankfully you'll both get the item that drops. However, you can help five friends every 24 hours and a total of five mafia friends can help you on a request.

So, get to it and start collecting if you want a chance to add the legendary Rat Pack to your arsenal. Too bad Mafia Wars doesn't support voice work; I do a mean Sammy Davis Jr. impression.
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