Jobs Hiring Now: 7 Industries That Need You


Brent Rasmussen, President, CareerBuilder North America

Given the layoffs and unemployment woes that consistently make headlines, it may seem hard to believe that some industries are experiencing worker shortages. Yet despite a national unemployment rate that hovers near double digits, there are industries that are in need of well-trained, qualified employees.

According to CareerBuilder's 2010 Mid-Year Job Forecast:

  • Twenty-two percent of employers reported that despite an abundant labor pool, they still have positions for which they can't find qualified candidates.

  • Forty-eight percent of human resources managers reported that there was an area of their organization in which they lacked qualified workers.

  • Health-care employers were the most likely to report a skills deficit; 63 percent of HR professionals in large health-care organizations said they have a shortage of qualified workers.

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