FarmVille rolls out new limited edition flower crop -- Lupine

farmville limited edition flower crop lupine
In addition to Pinto Beans, FarmVille has rolled out another limited edition Wild West crop -- a flower called Lupine, which will be available in the in-game Market until October 7. The great thing about this limited edition crop -- it can be Mastered.


Cost: 75 Coins
Grow time: 12 Hours
Harvest yield: 155 coins, 1 XP
farmville lupine crop fully grown -
Fun facts about Lupine: It's a real flower, and there are 200+ varieties. This hardy bloom thrives in infertile soil (think Wild West barren land). I'm originally from the Lone Star State, so my favorite variety is, naturally, the Lupinus texensis, better known as the Texas Bluebonnet.
farmville limited edition crop

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