FarmVille farmers go head-to-head against real farmers

Mashable's FarmVille versus real farms
Mashable's FarmVille versus real farms

While tending to everyone's favorite farm, ever wonder what the real farming life is like? Mashable has provided you curious virtual farmers with some stats on how your crops stack up to the real deal in one of the longest infographics we've ever seen.

Here's a scary fact: agriculture makes up a mere five percent of the Gross World Product, while Zynga, with the help of FarmVille, pulled in a mind-blowing 200 percent more net profit than Facebook itself, according to Mashable.

There are 930 million acres of farmland in the U.S., according to Mashable's sources, which dwarf in comparison to the fact that 500 million acres of farmland were harvested in just the first 15 months of FarmVille's existence. With 60 million FarmVille players harvesting what now could be billions of acres compared to just two million farmers in the U.S., it's clear folks are far more comfortable with their digital strawberries.

Does FarmVille pique your interest in farming? With games like FarmVille being so gripping, could digital crop gathering overtake actual farming in terms of GDP? Do you know anyone that farms both in and outside of Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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