Users Now Spend More Time With Facebook Than Google


Facebook edged out Google for screen time with users in August, a shift that research firm comScore says indicates people want to spend more time socializing online than searching, according to an Associated Press report.

During August, Facebook fans spent 41.1 million minutes on the social networking site -- 9.9% of their monthly online time. That was slightly more than the 39. 8 million minutes users spent on Google (GOOG) sites, including YouTube and GMail, which accounted for 9.6% of their monthly Internet time, according to the report.

A year ago, Facebook users spent less than 5% of their time with the social networking site.

This is the second month in a row that Facebook's gains have pushed it past a major rival for people's online time: In July, it squeaked past Yahoo (YHOO) for the first time in total minutes.