Do you want (or think you might need) divorce insurance?

Most people enter into marriage with the best of intentions. But with half of all marriages ending in divorce, one entrepreneur says it's just good business sense to taken the plunge into divorce insurance.

John Logan's WedLock Divorce Insurance says it's the first company to offer divorce insurance policies. Pay a monthly premium, have that policy at least three years, and if you divorce, you cash in.

"Divorce is widely accepted as possibly one of the most financially ruinous events of anyone's life and unless you're extremely wealthy, it can easily bankrupt you," says the WedLock website, with a picture of a sad-looking woman with an out-of-focus man behind her. "Ask most newly married couples and they'll say it'll never happen to them, but statistics don't lie. Every day, tens of thousands of people around the world who truly believed they would stay married forever, suddenly find themselves on a path to divorce."

Logan says he's already sold a handful of policies in his first month in business. Depending on how much coverage is bought, a WedLock divorce insurance policy will pay cash benefits ranging from $1,250 to $1.25 million for a marriage that ends in divorce. Some policies go for as little as $16 per month.
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