DirecTV keeps billing me and won't stop: Help Me, WalletPop!

DirecTV billing problem
DirecTV billing problem

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Q. In Late August 2009 I called DirecTV to have my service canceled at my former address because I would be moving to a house at the end of October. The representative that I spoke with told that me that canceling or (the term that they used) suspending my service would not be a problem. I was also told that upon moving, if I would like to reinstate my service it would be free of charge. I did not reinstate my service and decided to go with my local cable provider. Fast forward 9 months to June 2010. I receive a call from DirecTV informing me that I owe them money for a bill in March 2010. I told the representative that I am no longer at the address where my service was located and to check to see if a new tenant has reinstated the service at my former address. I was then told that when I canceled my service that I should have been told that my account would be suspended then reactivated if I did not call to say that I did not want the service to be reinstated. I informed the representative that I was not told this information when I canceled last year and that I did not sign off on or agree to such a ridiculous term. In addition, I was not in a contract so I didn't violate any sort of contractual agreement that may have been set forth when I began the service. Since that phone call I have returned all equipment. I was receiving daily calls from DirectTV stating that this bill (amounting to a little over $200) must be paid or the credit card they have on file will be charged. Now I am receiving weekly bills requesting that this bill be paid. Can they get away with this?

Denora Richardson