Top 50 Cities for Jobs This Fall

The votes are in. Whether you are a recent college grad that still needs to secure a job, or a seasoned professional looking to move up or out to a different company, you will want to check out these cities before relocating. These cities offer the best chances for finding employment., a leading job search engine, has released their Job Search Difficulty Index for US Cities for the month of September, ranking the best places to look if you are seeking employment, giving readers an inside scoop on how hard it is to secure a job in cities around the country.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), looks at the number of unemployed workers in each city and then divides that number by the total number of jobs in their index.'s index is constantly updates via employer career portals, recruiter websites and job boards so as to ensure that all online jobs within their index are accurate and current.

  1. Washington, DC

    It is no surprise that Washington, DC tops the list again this year as the easiest place to find a job. In addition to being home to the Federal government, many large agencies, a plethora of colleges and universities, Washington, D.C. offers culture, nightlife, and great neighborhoods as well, making it a living melting pot with excellent job security. Additionally, 11 of the richest counties in the U.S. are located in the region, and Washington, D.C. ranks 9th, according to, for best American cities for artists and designers, spending more per capita on art than any other district or state in the country.

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  2. San Jose, CA

    Situated in beautiful, sunny California, San Jose comes in second on the list for top cities in which to find a job. As a large tech metro area, San Jose is home to the famed Stanford University, and ranks among the top 20 brainiest metro areas, according to

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  3. New York, NY

    In the city that never sleeps, you can find anything your heart or whims desire, including a job, as New York, NY, comes in third on the list of best cities for jobs. Named, by Travel + Leisure ( 2010) as the best city to visit in the continental US and Canada, New York, NY is a hub for publishing, banks and investment firms, and the fashion industry, and is one city where its easier than you might think to find a job. Can you say, I love New York?

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  4. Baltimore, MD

    Nestled on a beautiful harbor, Baltimore is now known for more than just crabs. Named in 2008 by FDI Magazine as one of the top ten cities of the future, Baltimore is living up to that reputation, ranking third as the best coastal living harbor and holding strong as the fourth best city to look for work in.

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  5. Hartford, CT

    The capital of Connecticut is an idyllic place to raise a family and has real suburbs surrounding it that are community-oriented neighborhoods, West Hartford, specifically. Additionally, Hartford boasts some of the oldest institutions in the US, including the oldest art museum, park and continuously published newspaper. Sealing the deal for job seekers in this area are high average salaries and a relatively low cost of living.

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  6. Oklahoma City, OK

    Moving towards the middle of the country we have Oklahoma City, that is not only one of the better places to look for a job, but is also ranked by as one of the least stressful cities in the country (#45 out of 50) thanks to the high percentage of days with sunshine, an unemployment rate below 7.0 and little change in per capita income from year to year.

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  7. Denver, CO

    If you like the outdoors and are in need of a job, go west, my friend, and settle in Denver. An outdoorsman's paradise, the Mile High City offers a variety of fields in which to work, including telecom, transportation, healthcare, small businesses or tourism. Good news for the women out there looking for work, Denver ranks as the nation's sixth-best city for working mothers, according to

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  8. Boston, MA

    Set in picturesque New England and home to the nation's most elite colleges and universities, Boston, MA not only has less than 2.5 unemployed individuals per advertised job, but this city is also rated as the fourth brainiest metro area in the country, according to

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  9. Salt Lake City, UT

    This ski lovers' paradise is home to a growing tech industry for artists and designers alike, and the low cost of living, taxes and operating costs make this city an ideal place for small companies and start-up businesses. Salt Lake City also ranks #5 by as the 10 best cities for the next decade.

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  10. San Antonio, TX

    As the second largest city in the state of Texas, San Antonio has a solid salary to cost of living ratio and has seen little change in their low, less than 2.5 unemployed individuals per advertised job, unemployment rate, making this one of the most stable cities in the country since the start of the recession.

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    The remaining top 50 cities for jobs can be found below. Check out the AOL Jobs for tips on how to write cover letters and outstanding resumes before you start packing.

  11. Austin, TX
    Find a job in Austin, TX >>

  12. St. Paul, MN
    Find a job in St. Paul, MN >>

  13. Cleveland, OH
    Find a job in Cleveland, OH >>

  14. Dallas, TX
    Find a job in Dallas, TX >>

  15. Richmond, VA
    Find a job in Richmond, VA >>

  16. Seattle, WA
    Find a job in Seattle, WA >>

  17. Milwaukee, WI
    Find a job in Milwaukee, WI >>

  18. Charlotte, NC
    Find a job in Charlotte, NC >>

  19. San Francisco, CA
    Find a job in San Francisco, CA >>

  20. Philadelphia, PA
    Find a job in Philadelphia, PA >>

  21. Kansas City, MO
    Find a job in Kansas City, MO >>

  22. Pittsburgh, PA
    Find a job in Pittsburgh, PA >>

  23. Columbus, OH
    Find a job in Columbus, OH >>

  24. Houston, TX
    Find a job in Houston, TX >>

  25. Virginia Beach, VA
    Find a job in Virginia Beach, VA >>

  26. Nashville, TN
    Find a job in Nashville, TN >>

  27. Atlanta, GA
    Find a job in Atlanta, GA >>

  28. Indianapolis, IN
    Find a job in Indianapolis, IN >>

  29. New Orleans, LA
    Find a job in New Orleans, LA >>

  30. Tampa, FL
    Find a job in Tampa, FL >>

  31. Chicago, IL
    Find a job in Chicago, IL >>

  32. Phoenix, AZ
    Find a job in Phoenix, AZ >>

  33. Buffalo, NY
    Find a job in Buffalo, NY >>

  34. Louisville, KY
    Find a job in Louisville, KY >>

  35. Cincinnati, OH
    Find a job in Cincinnati, OH >>

  36. Jacksonville, FL
    Find a job in Jacksonville, FL >>

  37. Birmingham, AL
    Find a job in Birmingham, AL >>

  38. Memphis, TN
    Find a job in Memphis, TN >>

  39. Providence, RI<
    Find a job in Providence, RI >>

  40. Rochester, NY
    Find a job in Rochester, NY >>

  41. Orlando, FL
    Find a job in Orlando, FL >>

  42. San Diego, CA
    Find a job in San Diego, CA >>

  43. St. Louis, MO
    Find a job in St. Louis, MO >>

  44. Portland, OR
    Find a job in Portland, OR >>

  45. Sacramento, CA
    Find a job in Sacramento, CA >>

  46. Los Angeles, CA
    Find a job in Los Angeles, CA >>

  47. Riverside, CA
    Find a job in Riverside, CA >>

  48. Detroit, MI
    Find a job in Detroit, MI >>

  49. Las Vegas, NV
    Find a job in Las Vegas, NV >>

  50. Miami, FL
    Find a job in Miami, FL >>

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