Cafe World Grand Master Chef: Build this to master recipes faster

cafe world grand master chef
After an early warning last week, the Grand Master Chef has arrived in Cafe World. Once complete, this new buildable item will help you master dishes three times (3x) faster for one week. That means the cooking time for the dishes will be the same, but once they're done, you will be rewarded with additional mastery points.

There's a catch though, after the week is up, you will have to pay 8 Cafe Cash to recharge the Grand Master Chef and keep these mastery bonuses coming. Ouch.

If you decide to take the plunge anyway -- here's what you need to do. By now, you're probably very familiar with buildable items in Cafe World. The first step? Collecting materials to complete your statue and get the faster mastery bonus.
cafe world grand master chef materials
Here are the items (and how many of each) you'll need to collect to complete the item:
  • Magic Herbs - 8
  • Secret Spices - 8
  • Ancient Recipes - 8
  • Secret Scrolls - 8
There are two ways to get all of the materials you need to complete the Grand Master Chef.

1. Ask fellow players to send them to you
2. Buy them for Cafe Cash, each item costs 1CC -- so if you want to buy everything at once, you'll need to spend 32 Cafe Cash (roughly $7).

Right now, these items are now available in the Free Gifts section of the game, so the only way to give friends these items is to sent them via a Wall Post.
grand master chef

Unlike the No Clean Fairy, you actually need to place the base of the Grand Master Chef in your cafe. You can click on the base to check your progress and ask friends to send you more items.

Once the Grand Master Chef is complete -- you will be able to master recipes 3x faster for one week, once that week is up, you'll have to decide if its worth the Cafe Cash to keep the faster mastery mojo going.

What do you think of the Grand Master Chef? Is it worth building? Leave a note in the comments below.
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