Mafia Wars Fight Club changes improve drop rates and interface

Mafia Wars Fight Club Update
Mafia Wars Fight Club Update

The Mafia Wars Fight Club finally drops the loot it's supposed to, according to a post on the Zynga Community Forums. A recent release fixed an issue in which the Fight Club wasn't dropping the weapon parts it was supposed to, if dropping them at all.

The update also seems to have improved the Fight Club interface within the Mafia Wars marketplace, displaying your current Fight Mastery Level and percentage along with your Victory Coins. The forum post by Community Manager Jonezie Malone says that the drop rates have been increased on "basic weapon parts dropping from fight rewards."

Does this mean that the rarer weapon parts are still nowhere to be found? Are you satisfied with Zynga's efforts to improve the Mafia Wars experience? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]