Doom co-creator Romero consulting on unnamed Facebook game


With gaming luminaries from Trip Hawkins and Richard Garriott to Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds jumping onto the social gaming bandwagon of late, perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that John Romero -- co-founder of id Software and one of the men behind Doom and Quake -- is apparently the latest storied old-school developer to dip his toes into the social arena.

But we were still a bit surprised when we read that VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi ran in to Romero during a trip to LOLApps San Francisco headquarters. Romero is reportedly working as a design consultant on an unnamed "cute" Facebook game while still working on more traditional hardcore titles for MMO company Gazillion.

"This is where the excitement is now," Romero told VentureBeat in explaining the move.

So who will be the next big-name classic game creator to throw his hat into the ring. We're relatively sure it won't be Shigeru Miyamoto, but other than that the field is wide open, say, what's Al Lowe been up to, lately?

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