Crazy places people hide money

If you're looking to stash some cash at home, you don't want to hide it somewhere obvious -- like under a mattress or in your dresser drawer. You want to put it some place that no sticky-fingered person would think to look.

No matter what it's meant for -- emergencies, a vacation fund, fun money -- we asked our readers where they squirrel away their secret cash. Some of the responses were quite clever. Here are 16 creative places people hide their money from the likes of prowlers, partners, children and even themselves.

In the Tampon Box
"My sister-in-law used to hide money from her husband in the tampon box."
-- Elizarden5547

In a Bra
"I hide some of my money (to save) inside my bra. I took out the pad and put the money inside that slit."
-- Pmilton89

In a Toilet Paper Roll
"Yes, I used to hide my money inside a toilet paper roll. I put a can in the linen closet and wrapped it up so it looked almost exactly like a toilet paper roll."
-- Lolagirl118

In a Fake Drain
"My father, a plumber, would make fake drains in the garage. They looked just like real drains but held a pipe fill with money. The downside -- after he passed we had to look at every drain."
-- BL1NK9

In the Hamper
"The best place to hide money is in the dirty clothes hamper. I've been doing that for quite some time now."
-- The nite

In a Purse
"I have a ton of purses. All shapes and sizes. I stash my cash in a wristlet purse and hide it in one of my old purses on a shelf in the closet."
-- stphybtsy

In a Fake Plant
"Artificial plant -- who's gonna look in a vase with fake flowers? Just place it under the foam keeping the stems in place and you're good. I don't swap the plants out of the vase, so it just remains there, looking good on a shelf."
-- drcoester

In a Can
"I take a can and take the top off, discard or eat the contents of the can, put money inside it and put it back with the canned goods. The secret is the type of can opener you use. There is a type that cuts from the side so when you put the top back on it looks unopened."
-- JoeJy676

In Your Tax Files
"I put some money in a green envelope marked 1099's, punch a hole in one end of the envelope (BEFORE inserting the $), put it into the oldest income tax folder, which is usually about 2 inches thick, and in a file box in the attic."

Inside a Picture Frame
"I have kept several big bills paper-clipped together and hidden in an inconspicuous place. Using a picture frame that hangs on the wall and is big enough to display three or four family photos, I tuck the bills between the cardboard layer and the chipboard backing. Your pictures of family and friends aren't worth too much to a crook!" -- Talkin321

In a Vacuum
"I hide my money in the vacuum. I just unzip the cover that holds the replaceable bags and stash whatever it is I want hidden. I have been given as a present a newer vacuum, but I refuse to get rid of the old one. No one understands why i wont part with it ... I just say I still use it when I need it!!"
-- toshamarie5

In Between Cement Bags
"It's not unusual to have cement or mortar mix bags in the cellar, so place two bags with a space between them where you hide some stuff, then place a couple of bags on top. It's also fireproof!"
-- Hoxsie454

In an Old Winter Coat
"My ex-boyfriend had a bad habit of going through my purses looking for money to buy beer. I started hiding money inside my winter coat. I cut a very small hole in the armpit area of the inner layer, and stuffed the bills into the coat (no coins). I'd managed to put away almost $20 in a few months."
-- Pearl729

Under the Litter Box
"Under the litter box, well ... one of the five: I figure that by the time the thief gets close, he/she will succumb to the aroma before they get what little I have." -- dawnofthedanes

Inside a Wooden Door
"Do you have solid wood doors in your home? Chisel out a niche in the top of the door. You can actually go close to the entire length of the door and run it about 2 to 3 inches deep if you're careful. Even documents rolled tightly can fit there. Great place if you have kids who pilfer cash from you, no one has ever found it yet." -- Babybooboo100

Inside Curtain Rods
"Tuck away bills in curtain rods. Just fold them up and slide them inside the rod."

Do you have a clever place to hide money? Share your best hiding place in the comments section below or post it on our message board.
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