Company Designs Standing-Room Airline Seat, But Are There Buyers?

An Italian company that makes airline seats has designed and patented a standing-room seat.

And officials of Aviointeriors tell trade publication Travel Weekly there is "strong interest" in the seat from carriers around the world, including U.S. airlines.

The company is calling its design SkyRyder and says on its website the stand-up seats would create a win-win situation – cheaper fares for consumers while helping carriers in "maintaining sound profitability."

Passengers in the standing seat would "assume a dynamic upright position, which is not only comfortable but also very healthy," Gaetano Perugini, Aviointeriors' research and development director, tells the trade paper.

The design has a 23-inch pitch or less, as compared to the tightest economy-class seat with a 28-inch pitch, the company says. There is space underneath the seat for a carry-on.

The only carrier that has come out saying it is working on a plan for standing-room seats is Irish budget carrier Ryanair, headed by controversy-loving CEO Michael O'Leary. European safety officials have scoffed at the idea.

Photo, Aviointeriors
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