Applifier opens up to all social app developers, free traffic for all!


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Applifier Logo
Applifier Logo

ild of Nabeel Hyatt of Conduit Labs and Everplay's Jussi Laakkonen, Applifier has finally opened itself up for any social app developer to sign up for the service. Just four months after the game bar's release, it has grown to being visible to 55 million social game players through several mid-size developers like ZipZapPlay and Digital Chocolate, according to

Signing up for the service allows developers to place their games on the bar while installing the ad bar itself on their own games. For example, if Digital Chocolate decides to install the bar on top of MMA Pro Fighter (one of their more popular games), MMA Pro Fighter will appear on other developers' games who have also installed Applifier cross promotion bar and vise versa. Thus, free exposure--and hopefully traffic--for all!

Applifier serves as means for smaller developers to generate users comparable to the big league players Zynga and Electronic Arts, who have 230 million and 54 million monthly users respectively. The booming service has gained 20 million more eyeballs in the past month alone, according to Applifier CEO Laakkonen, but he remains humble.

"When we started four months ago, if someone told me we'd cross 50 million, I would have laughed," Laakkonen said. "At 10 million, I thought we'd made it, that there was nothing more to be done."

With growth like this, clearly Applifier has a while to go before it plateaus. Could the service garner enough user attention to compete with Zynga's massive amount of users? Only time will tell (they have a long way to go).

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