Zynga lives up to Facebook deal, Facebook Credits now primary currency


Facebook Credits now primary virtual currency in most Zynga games
Facebook Credits now primary virtual currency in most Zynga games

Zynga has finally issued its paid currency change across most of its social games to Facebook Credits after a five-year agreement was settled in May between the two companies. While this has been done for some of its offerings over the past few months, Facebook Credits are now officially the primary form of paid currency in all Zynga games (except for Zynga Poker)
on Facebook. Direct money transfer via Pay Pal accounts and credit cards are still valid (phew!).

Keep in mind that this change only goes for Zynga's presence on Facebook. Other social platforms have not yet required Zynga to change its primary payment methods to their native payment methods.

In an official statement made today, Facebook and Zynga said, "The companies are committed to working together to provide the best possible customer experience during this transition."

Facebook has also signed similar five-year deals with social game developers Crowdstar and Playdom in an effort to make its digital dollars the primary virtual currency on the platform. With its Facebook Credits even in Target stores everywhere, it may truly be only a matter of time before total Facebook domination (well, in the social world at least).

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