Zynga holds two Top 10 Facebook pages, but something is missing

Zynga Poker's Logo
Zynga Poker's Logo

Social Media Today released a list of the Top 10 Facebook Pages today, and the results are surprising (Lady Gaga is the most popular living music artist on Facebook). The list measures the top pages in "Likes," but try to find what's missing. Here's the full list of Social Media Today's Top 10 Facebook Pages as of this morning:

  1. Zynga Poker: 23.5 million "Likes"

  2. Michael Jackson: 19.4 million "Likes"

  3. Facebook (huh?): 17.8 million "Likes"

  4. Lady Gaga: 17.1 million "Likes"

  5. Family Guy: 16.5 million "Likes"

  6. Vin Diesel: 14.9 million "Likes"

  7. Mafia Wars: 13.7 million "Likes"

  8. Starbucks: 13,206,824 "Likes"

  9. House: 13,202,945 "Likes"

  10. Barack Obama: 13 million "Likes"

Still haven't figured it out? Find the answer and a few more questions after the break.