Wild Ones Stat Points: Everything you need to know

wild ones stat points
wild ones stat points

Do not spend your Stat Points until you've read this guide! You may end up regretting it. Instead, first check out what this new feature is all about so you can give your pet the power-up it needs.

Today, Wild Ones revealed a new feature available to all players: Stat Points. Essentially, this is a way of boosting your pet's speed, strength, and health without using common Wild Ones hacks and cheats, so there's no risk of getting banned. Woohoo!

Stat Points come in three varieties Strength (upgrades Strength), Dexterity (upgrades Speed), and Vitality (upgrades Health). However, they can be complicated to use and difficult to see their effect on the game. Fortunately, we've got everything there is to know when dealing with Wild Ones Stat Points.

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