Wild Ones Invisibility Potion: Unleash the art of deception

wild ones invisibility potion
Wild Ones has released a new weapon. This weapon doesn't unleash destruction like the Wild Ones weapons of old. Nor does it melt faces like the recently unveiled Poison Gas. In fact, this weapon does no damage whatsoever. So how could this item possibly be useful to a Wild Ones battle pet?

The real power of the new Invisibility Potion becomes evident rather quickly. Invisibility allows a Wild Ones pet to be as sneaky as an unreleased hedgehog while remaining as powerful as a mighty dragon. It lets pets go on the offense while remaining holed up on the defensive. And best of all, it comes in a tasty purple grape flavor (pictured above).

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wild one invisibility potion
According to expert Wild Ones scientists, "This weapon will make you virtually invisible for about 60 seconds." Using it will not use up your turn and the effect will carry over into your opponents turns.

You may be baffled by how complicated this all sounds. Luckily, as a master Wild Ones tactician, I can offer an example of how the Invisibility Potion would be used:

You, the Samurai Ninja Rabbit, are one hit away from losing to a ruthless and unclothed panda (pictured above). As the game winds down, it becomes your turn. Realizing that it will take two attacks to finish off your opponent, you must maneuver the situation with up most care. The naked panda smirks at you, foolishly believing the battle is all but over. Fortunately, you still have a few tricks up your sleeves.

You move into position to deliver a devastating blow. Right before you attack, you produce from your cloak the new Wild Ones Invisibility Potion, and gulp it down, noting the delicious purple grape flavor. Then as soon as you begin going see-through you let the panda have it, then quickly scurry away to safety. Unaware of where you are, the panda can do nothing but fire blindly. It becomes your turn again, and with a more than lethal blow, you send that panda straight to oblivion.

That's just one example of how awesome the Invisibility Potion can potentially be. Sneaking around, blasting enemies, and being a general nuisance is what the Invisibility Potion is all about.

Fans of Wild Ones have already declared this a must-have weapon. Unfortunately, although you don't have to be a Wild Ones member, the Invisibility Potions still costs Facebook Credits. For 54 Facebook Credits you will receive 12 Invisibility Potions.

Head to Wild Ones to check it out for yourself. And if you think of a better use for the Invisibility Potions than the one I concocted above, please let me know.

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