Treasure Madness wants only the best in its Hall of Fame Competition

Treasure Madness LogoThink you deserved to be rewarded for all your time wasted hard work and dedication in Treasure Madness? Well, zSlide was thinking just the same thing when it started its first monthly Hall of Fame Competition in Treasure Madness this September. The developer is looking for the best and brightest treasure hunters to be named the top 10 players of each month.

To be recognized for your loyalty to Treasure Madness, you'll generally need to be level-capped and have explored every last piece of land containing treasure. Not an easy feat, we'd say. Check after the break for more information on what you could win and how to win.

Each month's top 10 players will have their player names laminated inTreasure Madness Chest platinum, gold, silver, bronze and so forth depending in rank for all to see in-game. The top three players each month will be granted "physical rewards," according to the event's forum post. We can only imagine this means either Game Cards or Museum Dollars, but anything is possible. Here's what we do know the top three players will win this month:

First Place

  • Three of the rarest treasures in the game including the Dragon's Footprint, Eve's Apple, Feline Adornment and more
  • 300 HP worth of fruit

Second Place

  • One special edition collection such as Game Mascots, Hall of Mirrors Sican Figures, Negative Funerary Masks etc.
  • 150 HP worth of fruit

Third Place

  • One unexpected collection like Christian Relics, Black Magic Artifacts, Historical Treasures and more

Treasure Madness Hall of Fame Points

How the contestants (and later winners) will be determined is through a point system that must be met within the first ten days of each month. The amount of points required will increase monthly along with new content, so things will always remain competitive (i.e. you won't be seeing any of competing). Here's a list of what every achievement is worth:

  • 1,000 for every map completed
  • 750 for every level acquired
  • 500 for every collection secured
  • 250 for every mini-game master rank obtained

If your total points add up to an insane total of 1,255,000 points, then you're in luck! You qualify to compete to in the Hall of Fame competition. Just remember to tell your friends and family where you'll be for the next month. Head over to the Treasure Madness forums for even more detailed set of rules.
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