SUNY agrees to credit card code of conduct for New York colleges

The State University of New York, which has 64 campuses, has agreed to a code of conduct developed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo designed to safeguard students from unscrupulous marketing.

The code outlines steps schools should take to monitor and limit credit card marketing to students, according to Bloomberg News. Under the code, colleges would be required to offer financial literacy programs and not share personal information with credit card companies without permission.

Perhaps most importantly, the code bans agreements in which the school earns a percentage of finance charges imposed on students. Schools are being asked to select cards based on students' best interests if an exclusive marketing agreement is made with a credit card company, and must also monitor all credit card offers being marketed on campus.

Cuomo is investigating credit-card marketing practices that target college students through their institutions.

A 2009 survey by Sallie Mae found the average college student graduates with nearly $4,100 in credit card debt.
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