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with coupon code TOUCHDOWN in honor of the start of football season. Expires Sept. 13, 2010. The code is good on gift certificates, dinner of the month club, and gift cards, which are great for presents. The site's traditional big seller, $25 gift certificates, can be redeemed at thousands of restaurants across the country.

If you're new to the site, read the redemption rules carefully for the restaurant you are interested in eating at as the rules vary. Typically, you have to order $35-$50 of food to use the $25 certificate, which often excludes alcohol. You still pay tax and tip on the full amount. Some restaurants limit the days or times the certs can be used, like not on a busy Saturday night. It's fairly straight forward as long as you read the rules ahead of time.

Even with paying tax, tip and ordering food above and beyond the $25 certificate, you usually save 2%5-40% off your total tab. How else can you get such a big restaurant discount?

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