Happy Pets: Encourage the shy pet in your room for a new Shadow Pet

Happy Pets Shadow Pets and Triceratops
Happy Pets creator Crowdstar just announced that the shy pet hiding in your room is actually an exclusive shadow pet, waiting for encouragement to reveal itself as one of seven Shadow Pets. Simply find the pet hiding in a picnic basket in your room and click on it to ask your friends for their blessing.

Check behind the cut for a list of what might be in your picnic basket.
Happy Pets Shy Pet Help Screen

Receive seven blessings and the scaredy Shadow Pet will finally reveal itself to be one of these seven pets:

  • Shadow Hamster
  • Shadow Parrot
  • Shadow Bunny
  • Shadow Guinea Pig
  • Shadow Ferret
  • Exclusive Shy Triceratops

Oddly enough, the Shy Triceratops doesn't seem to be much different from the normal one, according to the posting on the Happy Pets fan page. Let's hope this was just an error in posting the image and not an in-game bug. But hey, at least waiting for a Shy Triceratops is better than paying up for a Random Triceratops.
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