Create a resume in 6 seconds with Facebook and

Creating a resume can be a long and arduous process, especially if you aren't sure of the correct formatting and information to include, but thanks to Facebook and you can create a resume in about 6 seconds. is a free, online version of basic Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint that is available to Facebook users. It allows them to create and edit these files in their browser. If you have been keeping your contact and employment information up to date in Facebook, you can connect to your Facebook account to generate a resume using their built-in template.
To get started, you need a Facebook account, the application and up-to-date information in your Facebook profile. If you are logged into Facebook already, you can click this create a resume link and be taken directly to the template. There you will select who you are sharing the resume with and then you will be prompted to allow to access your profile. will then create a resume template like that shown below, which you can edit right in your browser to add specific degrees, job accomplishments and awards.

It would be nice if this resume creation tool filled in all the information for you, but, in a matter of seconds it has handled the hardest parts -- formatting and remembering the dates you worked at a specific location. Surprisingly, LinkedIN, a social network aimed at professionals and designed to catalog career information and recommendations, doesn't have any similar tool to help you kick start your resume creation.

Via LifeRocks 2.0
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