Adventure Activities in Amsterdam -- Try if You Dare

Adventure Activity Amsterdam

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Travelers who are seeking more than Amsterdam's iconic windmills, homemade cheeses, and wooden shoes should take a deeper look into the thrilling experiences this charming, medieval city has to offer. We dare you to try an adventure activity in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Don't Blow Away

This adventure activity in Amsterdam takes go-carting off the race track and onto the beach. Stag Abroad, a part of European Weekends Ltd., is a company that takes carting to another level. Journey outside the confines of the city on a forty-minute trip to the beach, IJmuiden ann Zee, where you can enjoy the sport of Blow Karting. Hop into this three-wheeled, one passenger cart, suitable for only the most daring visitors to Amsterdam. Powered by a sail that catches the wind, much like in windsurfing, the cart can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. This sport originated in New Zealand and is quickly becoming the most popular land sailing sport in the world. Stag Abroad provides all equipment, including safety gear, and an introductory course. Prices for a two-hour blow karting excursion start at 100 euros per person. They offer an optional barbeque lunch for an additional 20 euros. We dare you to experience this high-speed adventure during your vacation in Amsterdam.

Stag Abroad
01773 766052

To The Dungeon

There is no adventure activity in Amsterdam quite like exploring the Amsterdam Dungeon. Much more than a haunted house or a haunted tour, the Amsterdam Dungeon immerses visitors in the dark and terrifying history of medieval Europe. This is definitely a spine-chilling experience. Here, you can explore the home of a tormented ghost, Meynes Cornellis. She was accused of being a witch and was hanged in the town square. It is said that her spirit still resides here, and she's out for vengeance. You can also become a sailor and experience the disease and violence of life on an overcrowded VOC ship from the 17th century. I assure you, this is among the most daring Amsterdam activities. Make sure to watch out for the canons and amputated limbs while on board. Another terrifying experience is the plunge into the darkness and despair of Hades on the Reaper roller coaster ride. We dare you to get caught up in the bad dream known as the Amsterdam Dungeon.

The Amsterdam Dungeon
Rokin 78, 1012 KW, Amsterdam
Open: Daily 11:00AM – 5:00PM
Admission: 21 euros for adults, 16 euros for children

Extreme Frozen Drinks

For a chilling experience of a different kind, head over to the Xtra Cold Ice Bar. Enjoy an iced drink like never before. Inside, the temperature is negative 10 degrees Celsius. The bar, walls, stools and drinking glasses are made of ice. The dim, blue-hued lighting, coupled with the fiber-optic ceiling, gives the illusion of being outdoors. When guests arrive, they are given the proper attire to withstand the harsh conditions of their 30-minute 4D adventure, which includes a 3D movie you watch through polarized glasses while battling the blowing wind, making this more of a ride than a movie experience. Take our word for it; this ice bar is much more than your typical local watering hole. The Ice Bar is never the same from year to year, as it receives an annual themed makeover. The entrance fee into the Ice Cafe is less than 20 euros and we dare you to not get your tongue stuck to your glass during your adventures in Amsterdam's Xtra Cold Ice Bar.

Xtra Cold Ice Bar
Amstel 194-196, Amsterdam 1017 AG
31(0)20 3205700
Open: Sunday – Thursday: 11:30AM – 11:00PM
Friday – Saturday: 11:30AM – 1:00AM
Admission: 19.50 euros

Vampires, Steer Clear!

Still full of adventure? During your vacation in Amsterdam, be sure to visit Garlic Queen Restaurant. Everything on the menu, from soups and salads to entrees, is prepared with fresh garlic. Try the Gambas, large shrimp infused with garlic, chili peppers and olive oil and served with curry-rice and bread for just over 20 euros. For a vegetarian option, try the oversized portobello mushroom caps stuffed with garlic and almonds and roasted in dry sherry for less than 11 euros. Even their desserts are made from garlic. May we suggest the garlic ice cream for less than 7 euros? They will prepare anything on the menu without garlic for the less fanatical guests. We dare you to bring gum, or maybe even mouthwash, with you to this extreme restaurant.

Garlic Queen
Reguliersdwarsstraat 27
1017 BJ Amsterdam
Telephone/Fax+31 (0)20 4226426
Open: Wednesday - Sunday

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Travelers trying daring activities in Amsterdam should take on Amsterdam's public urinal challenge. The public urinals in Amsterdam are located right on the sidewalk. Gentlemen, you don't have to worry about having to pay for a latte in order to use the restroom at the coffee shop down the block. While in route to your destination, excuse yourself from the group, mid-stride, and step up onto one of many urinals that can be found throughout the city. The original version is a steel wrap-around design with an old stone slab that shields the contents from running onto your shoe. Although this model is still in use today, the newer version is a plastic, triple urinal that allows you to step up into the spaces designated for your feet and aim for the opening on the wall in front of you. This model essentially functions like a modern day port-a-potty, but with less privacy than a typical phone booth. An extreme restroom experience for the ladies can be found at the Homegrown Fantasy Coffee Shop, where the entire bathroom is under a blacklight, making this a truly psychedelic, glow-in-the-dark experience.

From the fast and freeing excitement of blow karting to the unusually daring street spectacle of sidewalk urinals, Amsterdam's adventure activities should be on the top of every extreme traveler's list.

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