Samsung Considering Android-Based TV

TV titan Samsung is kicking around the notion of using Google's Android operating system in its television sets, according to a Bloomberg report. Samsung wants to seed its television sets and phones with the same operating system and is currently using both Android and its own Bada in its phones.

Samsung's decision largely hinges on whether Google (GOOG) will have success in landing cooperation from South Korea's movie, TV and music suppliers, the report notes. Sony (SNE), however, doesn't seem so concerned. The Samsung rival, which is developing TVs in partnership with Google and Intel (INTC), expects to ship Android-based TVs for the holiday crush.

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And, of course, there's also Apple TV to contend with. Last week, Apple (AAPL) unveiled its revamped set-top box, with the hockey puck-sized, Web-enabled device scheduled to ship later this month or by early October.
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