Playfish wants you to name the Pirates Ahoy mascot


You kn

Pirates Ahoy Logo
Pirates Ahoy Logo

ow that parrot that stands just under the logo of Pirates Ahoy, spy glass in hand? Apparently, Playfish feels that it deserves a name. Why? We have no idea.

Not to mention that the company mentions no reward to the winning name nor does the survey record names or e-mail addresses. We can only imagine Playfish is trying to increase the strength of its Pirates Ahoy brand, but at an impressive 6.8 million users we seriously doubt naming a parrot is going to change much. To put things into perspective, Zynga's FarmVille boasts a massive 61.7 million users and its unofficial duck mascot is still nameless.

Want to have a part in naming the mascot of your favorite swashbuckling adventure game? Head on over to the survey page and think up your most fitting name. We like the sound of "First Mate Squawksalot," but we we're no marketing pros.