NY Jets' Facebook game Ultimate Fan goes head-to-head against Madden (and loses)

Ultimate Fan LogoWant a place other than the ESPN.com chat rooms to broadcast how much you love football? The New York Jets, with the help of New York-based social game developer Arkadium, want to welcome you into a new home for football fans, Ultimate Fan for Facebook.

The game begins with you choosing your favorite team and pits your pick against with the team it's slated to play next in the NFL season in a game of "Boost" -- essentially a poll that can be revisited every six hours. The team with the most Boost wins, though it's hard to say what happens other than proof that said team has more fans.
Ultimate Fan Match

Since this game doesn't seem to have any real consequences or rewards, we can't say what happens after a team wins more favor than the other. Fans of the winning team will receive Fan Points (think experience points) and Tickets, the game's main currency, which can be used to buy items for a virtual tailgating party. Some examples of items you might buy include drinks, snacks, hotdog cart, lounge chair, an inflatable pool -- pretty much anything you need to make your tailgating party over the top. Users can rate each others' tailgate parties, which increase both users' Fan Points so that they can pimp out their parking lot parties even more.

ultimate fan on facebook

Ultimate Fan's biggest draw will most likely be the Prediction feature that allows players to guess the outcome of the NFL season games (down to final score) for Fan Points. EA Sports' Madden NFL Superstars on Facebook also has a similar prediction feature, which will (if FIFA Superstars was any indication) grow more popular as the football season continues.

Ulitmate Fan Precidtions

While Ultimate Fan does a good job with building team pride and good-natured competition among NFL fanboys, we'd still like to see more of a 'game' evolve, especially in the Boost voting experience. If you're looking for a more robust football experience, we'd recommend EA Sports' Madden NFL Superstars, which has many similar features and gives you the chance to test you skills managing a football team, which, IMHO, is a helluva lot more fun than manning your own virtual tailgate party.

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