Mortal Kiss lets tweens get their vamp on this fall

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Considering Zynga'sVampire Wars is home to 2.3 million users and the success of the "Twilight" series, we can safely say this vampire craze has surpassed "fad" status. Publisher Random House has teamed up with social gaming website Stardoll to get their slice of the bloody pie with an interactive story titled "Mortal Kiss."

Starting today, eight chapters of "Mortal Kiss" will be released over the eight weeks until Halloween when the final chapter will be revealed on the biggest day of the year for vamp fans. Stardoll, a social gaming website geared towards teenage girls, will allow users to vote on the outcome of key moments in the story and discuss major plot points as they happen.
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The project goes even deeper (and more capitalizing) than that with items inspired by the story available for purchase in the Stardoll store with virtual currency. With offerings like that, you could have bet your Stephanie Meyer-signed copy of "Eclipse" that this story will be localized in 17 languages around the world.

The story is currently free, but both parties are looking into advertising, e-book editions and subscriptions, said executive vice president of Stardoll Chris Seth.

"Anything that drives engagement and usage on Stardoll will ultimately deliver monetization as well, and there are multiple routes to realizing that," Seth added. "We're a social media business but in some ways we are also an old-fashioned content business, and we have been surprised by the popularity of books in the lives of teens and tweens."

According to The Guardian, Stardoll had 13.8 million users in August, which will prove to be a hotbed for fans of what Random House licensing publisher Fiona MacMillian calls "paranormal romance." If this interactive story model of social gaming takes off, things could get much deeper in the social game space.

[Via The Guardian]
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