Man Uses JetBlue Pass for 33,000-Mile Trip In Memory of Mom

A volunteer firefighter from Charlottesville, Va., left Tuesday using a JetBlue "All You Can Jet" pass for what he says will be a 33,000-mile trip to raise awareness and money for cancer research.

Drew Lawrence, 28, started his trip from Washington's Dulles International Airport, and plans to spend 29 days on the road, ending the trip on Oct. 6, his 29th birthday. He is outlining his exploits at a website, "29 Days Until 29."

Lawrence tells ABC News he is doing the trip in honor of his late mother, Kathleen Wilson Lawrence, who served as Deputy Under Secretary of Agriculture in the Reagan administration, among several government jobs. She died when Drew was a freshman at University of Virginia, after a 16-month battle with brain cancer.

"My biggest goal is to meet as many people as possible and talk to them," he says. "By sharing stories with other people we can make positive connections across the country to replace the negative ones."

He says bosses at the real estate construction company where he works in sales and marketing are supportive of him taking the time off for the trip.

Stops on Lawrence's cross-country trek include New York, Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles and dozens of other cities JetBlue flies to. He has plans to meet up with a woman who also lost her mother to cancer in San Francisco, to participate in a 5k run in Seattle for a child with cancer and to attend a host of concerts, sporting events and festivals.

On his website he has an itinerary posted, but Lawrence says he may make changes along the way, as new experiences emerge.

Donations to the American Cancer Society can be made at the website, where Lawrence is also doing a blog and posting videos - including one on how to pack for a 29-day trip.

JetBlue offered the popular "All You Can Jet" travel passes for sale in August, and they sold out in days.

Photo, mrkathika, flickr
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