Mall World promotes the MTV Video Music Awards

Mall World has just started a new promotion this weekend that offers a pretty neat collaboration between the game's fashion-oriented theme and MTV's popular award show, the Video Music Awards. If you log in to Mall World right now, you'll see several new elements have been added to the game to promote the VMAs, including a fun Dressing Room Game that lets you match various fashion pieces together to create total outfits. In addition, there is an entire MTV VMA store that sells fashions from favorite stars, including Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Taylor Swift. Not just any fashions, in fact, but the exact outfits that were worn by the entertainers on the Video Music Awards in the years past. When a neighbor's avatar visits your store, you can also dress their avatar for the VMA Red Carpet and share the new look on the player's wall.
This is a pretty interesting (and perfect) way to promote a real world event inside a social game. Mall World offers the chance to watch a brief video trailer about the VMAs, and then encourages players to become a fan of the official VMA Facebook page. Mall World currently has over 4.7 million monthly players, and with the fashion and store theme we're sure there is a major demographic crossover with the popular television network.

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