Let's start a national movement! A teacher's aide in every room!

Kids in a classroom
Kids in a classroom

These have been difficult economic times for our nation, the world actually. And President Obama hasn't been able to ease our pain. In his speech yesterday, on a day where workers are traditionally honored, he promised to create more jobs. He also did the expected political jabbing and finger-pointing at the GOP. Unfortunately, pundits have already proclaimed the plan is no good since not even the Democrats are likely to support a massive spending plan before the elections. more details are coming on Wednesday.

Just for the record, Obama's proposed $50 billion jobs package would build roads, railways and runways. But it ain't really happening, so why bother spending a lot of cyber-ink on it? In my circle, his jobs bill -- just like his health reform bill -- takes too long to get to the relief. Six years? How many more people will lose their homes before they get hired on the old railroad, so to speak?