Let's start a national movement! A teacher's aide in every room!

Kids in a classroom
These have been difficult economic times for our nation, the world actually. And President Obama hasn't been able to ease our pain. In his speech yesterday, on a day where workers are traditionally honored, he promised to create more jobs. He also did the expected political jabbing and finger-pointing at the GOP. Unfortunately, pundits have already proclaimed the plan is no good since not even the Democrats are likely to support a massive spending plan before the elections. more details are coming on Wednesday.

Just for the record, Obama's proposed $50 billion jobs package would build roads, railways and runways. But it ain't really happening, so why bother spending a lot of cyber-ink on it? In my circle, his jobs bill -- just like his health reform bill -- takes too long to get to the relief. Six years? How many more people will lose their homes before they get hired on the old railroad, so to speak?

I'm certain our president has lots of high-priced, well-educated advisers who told him this was the route to take. Big whoop. Like they've never been wrong before?

So what's a measly journalist like me know? Well, for one thing, I'm a mom who lost her job and hopes not to lose her home. I've got more friends who are out of work than I have dollars saved in my IRA, and I'm more than a little tired of sending my resume into an Internet black hole where nobody calls me for so much as an interview.

Yeah, you could say I have a vested interest in this and frankly, I think I have a better plan. I would like to launch a national movement right here, right now, that would create plenty of jobs and do a whole lot more good than repairing potholes. But it requires that each and every one of you send this to every person in their e-address book, post it to Facebook and Twitter it at least twice. Let's call it the Aide Solution, and let me thank you in advance for your support.

The plan: Hire a teacher's aide in every classroom in America. Do it today. No elected official would dare vote down a better education for the country's children, something that might actually allow our kids to compete academically on the world stage. A teacher's aide in every classroom would create a small army of not-very-expensive jobs. Those aides would need transportation (buy cars, bikes), clothes to wear to work (increase retail spending), child care; they would be gassing up those cars they buy, saving up to buy houses, needing furniture, taking out loans, eating out again and taking vacations. That in itself would trigger a stimulus for the economy, creating jobs across the board.

Why give tax incentives to the lousy companies that laid everybody off in the first place? You're going to reward them for hiring us back? Isn't that the same as hiring someone to dig a ditch and paying someone else to fill it up? Real jobs need to produce something and I can't think of anything better to produce than a well-educated child.

So why are you still sitting here reading this? Honey, get me rewrite -- I mean Facebook.
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