Drop-side crib makers still plugging deadly product: Illinois AG


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan condemned plans by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to kick-off its national "Safe Sleep" campaign in Chicago, saying in a statement it amounts to "peddling deadly merchandise in our own backyard where we fight daily to protect our children from such harmful products."

According to JPMA's website, the industry association is launching a "five-city education and sleep product donation tour" beginning in Chicago on Wednesday, in observation of annual Baby Safety Month.

That's putting a happy face on tragic circumstances, according to Madigan.

"JPMA should take responsibility for certifying deadly drop-side cribs that have killed dozens of infants across the country," Madigan said in a statement. "They should be launching an awareness campaign to ensure parents and caregivers know drop-side cribs have a deadly flaw, and people need to stop using them immediately."