Aaron Spelling's Mega-McMansion Listed for $150M -- a World Record?

Candy Spelling's 56,000-square-foot manor, listed at $150 million, just officially hit the Multiple Listing Service as the most expensive home on the market -- and not just in California, but reportedly worldwide.

The 14-bedroom, 27-bath home, located at 594 S. Mapleton Drive in Holmby Hills, has been unofficially on the market (with a lot of press) since early 2009. But this week marks its MLS debut, says co-listing agent Sally Forster Jones of Coldwell Banker, who has the listing with Jeff Hyland of Hilton & Hyland.

"When properties are for sale, being on the MLS lends credibility that it really is a property for sale as opposed to just speculation. It is a validation for the national or international discriminating buyer," Jones told HousingWatch.

The jump to the MLS may also mean that Spelling, wife of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling and mom to actress Tori, must be more than ready to leave the W-shaped mega-mansion -- even though the list price remains the same as it did prior to the MLS debut.

"There is really nothing like this property anywhere in the world," says Jones of the place that Spelling has called home since she and hubby built it in the early 1990s. "It is really like a piece of art. It is very, very special, in the most prime area in Los Angeles. It is for a buyer who will appreciate a unique estate." And Spelling believes that buyer is out there.
The record price for the most expensive U.S. home is debatable, based on whether you consider list price or sold price. Donald Trump sold a Palm Beach, Fla. home for $95 million to a Russian billionaire. Winemaker Patricia Kluge put her Albermarle house in Virginia on the market for $100 million. And there is the $125-million-priced Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills. (Read more about America's Most Expensive Homes on AOL Real Estate.)

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Perhaps Spelling is hoping that the double listing will sell her home soon, so that she can quickly escape a stalker. Last week she was granted a restraining order against 38-year-old Diyahml Farrakhan Muhammad, whom Spelling claims has trespassed on her property at least nine times.

Turning 65 in just two weeks, Spelling may be downsizing now because she realizes a key lesson from many owners of mega-mansions: She doesn't need that much space. But apparently, she still wants a lot. She reportedly paid $47 million in July 2008 for an almost finished two-story, 17,000-square-foot condo atop a Century City residential tower, which is about the same amount of dough the Spellings spent building their manor in the early 1980s.

Now without her husband to share the massive space on about five acres, she is perhaps a bit lonely. The foyer alone, with its double-staircase, is 30-feet high, and there are three rooms in the 100-plus-room house devoted solely to gift-wrapping. (View the virtual tour on AOL Real Estate.) There is also a two-lane bowling alley, hair salon, oak-paneled library, flower-cutting room, special dog-grooming area, billiard room and, of course, a projection room, where the family perhaps viewed reruns of some of Aaron's famous TV shows on a screen that rises up from the floor.

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