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Whether you're looking to downsize from a traditional house to a tree house, or from a mortgage to a rental payment, we had great ideas for you this week on RentedSpaces. See what else was hot:

1. Could a Tree House Solve Your Housing Dilemma?
All signs seem to indicate that the housing market is looking up, but these homes are taking that fact a little more literally. See what kind of cool dwellings are sprouting in treetops around the country -- and the world. Read more.

2. Interior Design Made Easier Than It Looks
A successful Miami design firm has just published a book in which they reveal a few of the secrets of a well-designed home. See how to incorporate their ideas in your own space. Read more.

3. From Homeowning to Renting: Where to Begin

With the recent housing market turmoil, many sellers are so relieved to have gotten out with their wallets intact that they're ready to try renting again. See why it's such an attractive idea for so many people. Read more.

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4. Back to School Program Protects Kids, Neighbors
With back-to-school time looming for many students, crosswalk safety is a top concern of parents and schools. See how concerned citizens around the country are making sure their communities are safe. Read more.

5. How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger
Sure, paint colors and good lighting can make a room seem bigger, but if you want to reclaim some actual space you may want to consider some of these cool foldaway furniture finds. Read more.

Still trying to decide which is right for you? Here are some AOL Real Estate guides to help you no matter whether you choose to buy or rent:

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