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A serial killer's house finally sells, while a serial hit-maker's mansion sits on the market for a third year. Never a dull moment here on HousingWatch. See what else was hot this week:

1. Sacramento Serial Killer Home Sells: Sign of Market Improvement?
Macabre puns about "killer deals" notwithstanding, a California couple just snapped up a stigmatized Sacramento property for half of its previous sale price. Read more.

2. 'Real Housewife' Averts Foreclosure on O.C. Home
Once again, TV's "Real Housewives" series proves how just unlike the rest of us these privileged ladies really are, as one of the Orange County stars narrowly dodges a foreclosure. Read more.
3. Christina Aguilera Drops Hollywood Hills Home Price -- Again
The Grammy-winning songstress has again reduced the list price of her home, for an overall reduction of $2 million since the initial 2008 listing. Will $6 million be the sweet spot? Read more.

4. Home Values: Why You Should Stop Worrying About Yours
Happy news for homeowners: 5 great reasons why you should quit obsessing over your home's value, and instead just enjoy living in it. Will you be able to let go? Read more.

5. Tiger Woods Makes Some (Real Estate) Moves
In the wake of his very public divorce from Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods is busy setting up various bachelor pads around the country. See where he's unpacking his golf clubs. Read more.

6. Condo Sales Drop: What You Should Know Before Buying One
Read the fine print before signing your name to that condo contract: Many condo associations have strict rules on renting out your unit, which could someday turn you into an "accidental landlord." Oops! Read more.

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