Best frozen fudge bars? We rank the house brands

frozen fudge bar test
frozen fudge bar test

Oh fudge! September's here, school's back in session. We have our precious Labor Day, and then back to business. Bummer.

So as I muttered "Fudge, fudge, fudge" over and over again about the too-soon demise of summer, I started thinking to myself, "fudge. Fudge? Fudge!" After all, nothing takes away the end-of-summer blues like a frozen fudge pop, and I hadn't had one in, like, forever. Plus, Mrs. Store Brand Scorecards wanted me to do this one for a while now, so I owed her.

And here's another bonus -- frozen fudge pops are the perfect no-labor treat for Labor Day (and given the low calories and fat quota, pretty guilt-free. No need to regret sitting around eating treats on your day off).

So Store Brand Scorecard sampled the classic Fudgsicle brand, as well as three store brand counterparts from a big box, grocery and mini market, respectively, to see which frozen fudge pop had the most pleasing taste for the price. All products were purchased Aug. 15 weekend in the Chicago area. Prices are subject to change.