Treasure Isle releases second collection of Asian Isles maps


Treasure Isle not only released the new buildable Dragon Sailboat this weekend, but players were surprised with a new collection of Asian Isles maps. The Mythical Voyages map contains just four islands, however there are a couple of them that are quite large. Players are even reporting that the Supersecret Base map uses over 2000 energy, but gives out more than 90 treasures on average. Wow! Take a peek at the new map details:

Under Attack - 500 coins
Ravaged Land - 7,000 coins
Tiny City - 10,000 coins
Supersecret Base - 18 Island Cash

We're so behind on maps that we're still working on the last Asian Isles set, but you can never have too much gameplay to go through! We appreciate the fast pace of new challenges in Treasure Isle, that's for sure.

What about you? Have you finished these new maps yet?