Fashion World now provides storage for shop goods

Fashion World storage feature
Fashion World storage feature

Fashion World, Metrogames' clothing store management game has just released a feature that makes players happy in just about any Facebook game - storage! There is now room in a storage box for any decorations, accessories, and furniture that your store may have accumulated but be unable to accommodate.

To access the new storage option, click on the cardboard box icon in the main game toolbar at the bottom of your clothing store. This will open up your storage box, showing you all of the available slots for storing items. At this time, it seems like there is plenty of space available and no option to upgrade. To place an item in storage, click on the item with your storage box open. You will then see a popup menu with the option to Move, Rotate, or Store. Click on "Store" to put the item in your storage box.

To remove an item from your storage, simply click on it and drag it out into the desired location in your store. Easy as can be! Players should be thrilled that their Fashion World store no longer needs to be cluttered with decorations that aren't being used. No one likes to shop in a messy store!

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