FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend: It's on!

farmville double mastery
As a special bonus this Labor Day weekend, FarmVille has turned on double mastery for all of your crops, starting Saturday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 6. That means, when you harvest a crop, you'll get double the points and it'll take half as long to level up your crops.

What's so hot about mastery, you ask? Each crops can be mastered three times for coins and experience points. Once your crop hits three stars, they will be considered 'premium' and will yield extra experience points. The higher the mastery on a crop, the more bushels you will receive as well, which can be sold, used in a crafting building -- such as a winery -- and to make slop for truffle-hunting pigs.

If you have a mastered crop, your Farmer's Market Stall will also stay open longer, and that can mean extra rewards. And -- probably the best part about mastery is the fact that you're rewarded with a sign that has a picture of the related crop on it, which can be placed on your farm for bragging rights.

To see what it takes to master all of your crops, please see this complete FarmVille Crop Mastery Guide (note: clicking this link will open a Google Docs spreadsheet).

What crops do you plan to master this weekend?
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