Zynga Poker offers chips on the cheap for just 24 hours

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If you're looking to play some cards this weekend, the Labor Day Weekend sales continue with Zynga Poker holding a 24 hour sale on chips and Casino Gold. Zynga's online poker phenom is offering 20 percent more chips than normal on top of the discounted prices.

There couldn't be a better time to pick up some chips when 10 Nintendo Wii consoles are at stake. Through September 10, win Round 3 of any Shootouts game to qualify for a chance to win. Continue reading for details on this short sale.
The 24-hour Zynga Poker chip sale
Here's a breakdown of the discounts on chips available for just 24 hours:

  • 150 thousand chips for $2
  • 375 thousand chips for $5
  • 750 thousand chips for $10
  • 7.5 million chips for $25 (was $50)
  • 36 million chips for $75 (was $150)
  • 72 million chips for $125 (was $250)

For the average player, 375 thousand chips should be enough for a few games just for fun. For the hardcore poker player sitting in on high stakes games, you might want to shoot a bit higher to get the best deal. Here's a list of the discounts on Casino Gold:

  • 10 Casino Gold for $2
  • 25 Casino Gold for $5
  • 50 Casino Gold for $10
  • 330 Casino Gold for $25 (was $50)
  • 830 Casino Gold for $50 (was $100)
  • 1,660 Casino Gold for $75 (was $150)

Clearly, the best deals will be for the high rollers. But considering Casino Gold purchases are purely cosmetic, we doubt the casual poker fan will have to worry about these.

Click here and hurry to the tables to take advantage of these 24-hour deals.
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