YoVille Labor Day Weeked Sale: Limited edition items and discounts coming soon!

YoVille Labor Day Sale Promo
It's official: Zynga has a fever, and the only cure for it... is more Labor Day specials. The company's next title to catch wind of the discounts is YoVille.

While the price reductions and new items don't appear to be live yet, log in anytime this weekend and enjoy the savings and new swag, according to a YoVille blog post by Platinum Ninja. Just enter your room in YoVille, click the chair icon titled "Edit Labor Day Specials coming soon to YoVilleRoom" and then click "Go Shop."

After that, click any given store and look for the "New Items" tabs. This is where the new items should be when they appear. If this sale is anything like the lot of them in Zynga's other social games, expect discounts on YoCoins and YoCash.

From what's visible in the blog post's promotional banner, expect some new cars and, ambiguously enough, collectibles. Can someone say, "grilling gear?" Stay tuned to the YoVille fan page for when these deals go live for a limited time.
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